Dear Fashion Industry,

We are writing to tell you that we are done.

We are no longer satisfied with the lies.

In your desire to be timeless.

In your need to be perfect.

Your obsession with beauty, and sales.

Pretty people do ugly things.

Brands and Factories… your issues bore us but also consume us.

I'm cast aside, like a child watching my parents go through a brutal divorce.

You have lost sight of what really matters.

The worst part…

I know it is my fault.

I'm not what I was supposed to be.

Truthfully, this is what has made me everything I am.

Enjoy your valentine's day. Your hollow content marketing emails and discount code pop-ups! There is no broken heart emoji, but there is a gold one. And that’s the heart I have. A golden one, on the inside… and it’s more valuable than you will ever know.

Rebranded is a unique brand that takes the rejected inventory from brand<>factory deals that have gone sour, and re-works and re-brands them into something better. It’s a fact of life. We disagree. Things go wrong….

BUT in too many cases this means that whole batches of clothing production end up in the trash, and entire factories get shut down due to the negligence, nay the inability, to move forward.

We are on a mission to rescue as many of these production problems as possible, saving the factory payment and keeping the items out of the landfills.

How is that for love?