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We welcome the defects, rejects, and misfits... often they become more valuable than the original.  

The Long Beach Port Rescue

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The Long Beach Rescue, Vol I

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We tell the full story of each and every one of our products, giving our customers a transparent view into the journey they have made to get to their closet.

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The Rebranded Process

We Rescue Stranded Product

Deconstructed, Dyed & Redesigned

Emergence as Rebranded

Because ‘-ish’ happens and brands have a right to sell quality clothing, we step in to rescue garments from ending up in landfills and rivers, paying the factory the original cost +extra to re-make the goods. This ethical practice can save an entire factory from going out of business and helps people (mostly women), living near poverty, to remain gainfully employed. 

Our design team, w/ over 20+ years of experience, comes in to re-make the goods. Reworking designs, re-dyeing fabrics, and reimaging hems to reform the garment and give it a new identity. All to keep the original brand identity a hush- unless under special, exclusive circumstances, they’d want to co-brand with us and be identified. ;-)

After several edits, and testing for our own quality assurance, our products are reborn as ‘Rebranded.’ For our first rescue, 80,000 t-shirts were abandoned in Long Beach, California. It was horrible on both sides, but the product is new, it is good, and needed a bit of creativity... and now it is here!

‘Defective’ is the game, Rebranded is our name. Rescuing ‘defective’ garments from landfills since 2021.

THE STORYCheck out the story of what brought our first collection to life